FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2018
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ExtremeMC, one of the oldest, most successful Minecraft establishments around, which orientates cohesively around a community based environment in which all players are friendly to one another and run the server as a team.



Back Online!

As I know some of you are already aware, we are now back up and running after being closed for a year. Myself, Stephen and Toby have decided to reopen the community after all this time, and our members are growing fast once again. Please feel free to hop back on the server at your convenience, for it would be great to see some of you again.

Look forward to meeting again online!


Jack (Repinski, Formerly KingJackTheFirst)


Server Updates!


Hi there. As I’m sure you are aware we have been experiencing a lot of downtime recently with our server. This has been due to a problem with the internet connection at the data-centre in Maidenhead, where our server is situated. This is a problem at Virgin Media, who provide the dark fibre internet connections for both the uplink and the redundant internet connection. I’ve been in contact with Virgin and the ETA they’ve given us is 8:30am tomorrow morning. As much as we’d like to be able to do something about this issue, the problem is simply out of our hands; being a fault with the internet connection itself.

We’ll put the server up immediately after we have a connection again. If you have any questions, please simply comment to this post.

Thank you very much for your patience,

Kind Regards, KingJackTheFirst (Senior Administrator)


Server Updates!

Quick update. (Server under repair)

The Server is currently under repair, and will be back to normal as of Wednesday 4th of june. 6:00pm GBR time.