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ExtremeMC, one of the oldest, most successful Minecraft establishments around, which orientates cohesively around a community based environment in which all players are friendly to one another and run the server as a team.

Being a mini-games server, we offer a large, diverse range of games on the server to suit all people’s needs/requirements. With Survival, Creative, Skyblock, HungerGames, Parkour, Towns, Jobs and more; we can ensure the ultimate minecraft experience regardless of standard.

Our server prides itself on its strong community feel; everyone feels safe on the server and can focus completely on enjoying the game. We are  well staffed, and each player has the ability to ignore other players to prevent cyber-bullying (which remains a rare occurrence anyhow). All infractions on the server are dealt with due discretion and sentences will be carried out only when necessary by an active team of experienced, unbiased staff members.

As a bukkit server, we run on vanilla Minecraft and so no mod-packs are required to join. Just join with the default launcher and you’ll be with us! With over 50 plugins, we have many awesome additional extras to standard Minecraft, enhancing the experience even more.

With our long-lasting up-time, our 100% positive reviews, satisfied members and excellent community we can ensure your visit will be a good one; guaranteed!

Regards, ExtremeMC aristocracy.


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Mar 25, 2014
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Hello, I was mining obsidian, and lava got me, so I teleported home but didnt have water so I died. At the moment I died, the entity cleaner was triggered and I lost 9 emeralds, Full Diamond armour, a diamond sword, 45 block of quartz, a diamond pickaxe, a diamond pickaxe with silk touch, efficiency 3 and unbreakable 4, and a diamond pickaxe fortune 3, and efficiency 2. Please help :'(

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